Aedina Marrowstone’s diary:

Dear Diary, 

today was the SHITTIEST.DAY.EVER!!!

First I killed an old orc warrior and I wanted to set him up in some nice grave, but I dropped him a few times and then I bashed his head against the rock.
After I’d finally put him into a good position and wanted to lay some flowers for him, I realized I didn’t have any with me, so I just dropped one of my husband’s homemade dishes there.

Then I went to look for my husband. Couldn’t find him, and I got SO upset! I decided to run over the tables and knock everything into the fire because I was so  enraged.

Afterwards I even went out and started hitting a tree! It still didn’t calm me down, and to top that off I couldn’t find Vilkas either!

The last thing I did before sleeping was try to kill Athis because he pissed me off saying that he imagined the new leader of the Companions to be taller. I decided against it though, and followed him around trying to put a troll skull on his head. Serves him right, dick.

I hope I’ll find Vilkas tomorrow.

Love, Aedina

[Posted Januar 24th, 2013 at 8:39 PM]
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